new kitchen chandelier

My weird and awesome kitchen chandelier

Look! Up at the ceiling! Is it a spaceship? Is it a shooting star? No, it’s my Supernova Mini Chandelier!

As I was renovating the kitchen in my old 1940s house, I started searching for a new chandelier. When I saw this one I fell in love with the starburst design and the polished chrome. And it fits in with the retro modern style I’m going for.

Even though the price was reasonable, I debated about whether or not to buy it since I was spending so much to redo the rest of the kitchen. I thought about trying to make the existing chandelier work by painting over the tarnished gold finish with a high gloss black paint. But the style was too traditional and so ugly. It kind of looks like a spider. What do you think?

Old kitchen chandelier

Ugh! So hideous!

old kitchen chandelier

My old kitchen chandelier

In the end, I just had to have it. Truth be told, it’s one of my favorite elements in my new kitchen and goes so well with the new black granite countertops. Seeing my Supernova chandelier every morning makes me very happy. And meals are just more elegant now.

New kitchen with my new awesome chandelier

supernova chandelier

This chandelier looks so great in the dining area of my kitchen. Makes me feel like I’m dining someplace special.

Besides being beautiful, this chandelier puts out a lot of light. I can work at the table and really see what I’m doing, whether I’m on the computer or doing an art project.

And speaking of light…

The one thing people ask me, after they finish exclaiming about my cool chandelier, is can you get light bulbs for it. That’s a very good question because it was my concern too when deciding whether or not to buy this unusual light fixture. I understand you can get replacement bulbs at Lowe’s and they’re also available here.

Now that my kitchen is finished, I can’t help but admire the way everything has come together. I love to take it all in: the harmonious colors, the twinkling black galaxy granite and the sparkling Supernova chandelier. It’s out of this world!

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