Three unique ways to wear pins

I have quite a collection of pins and one thing I generally don’t do with them is wear them on jackets or dresses. You know, the normal way most people wear them. So I’ve come up with other ways to wear these beautiful pins that would otherwise be forgotten in a jewelry box.

Watch my video demonstration

1. Wear pins on a necklace

A lot of pins will hang nicely around your neck. You can use a variety of different materials as a necklace. Here are some examples.

These two are on bias tape.

These two are on rawhide.

These are on silver chains. The one on the left is a large herringbone necklace and the one on the right is an omega chain.

And here’s a pin on a ribbon necklace from the craft store.

Wearing one of my pin necklaces.

Sometimes you need to use a converter to get the pin to hang correctly and to create a bail. I have one each in silver and gold.

2. Wear pins on your jeans

A lot of pins will look nice pinned in the front pocket area of jeans. Here I took three patriotic pins and arranged them together. And I wore the jeans with a sparkly belt to complete the look.

3. Wear pins on a bracelet

This is by far my favorite way to wear pins because I’m a bracelet girl. I’ve made a variety of fabric cuff bracelets just for this purpose. They’re quite simple to make.

If you’d like to make some for yourself, please check out my fabric cuff bracelet tutorial. You can choose three different closures: snaps, buttons or velcro.

Here are some pictures of me wearing my pins as bracelets.

Do you have any creative ways to wear pins? Please share your ideas!

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