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Three paper star patterns for party decorations

Here are three easy folded paper stars you can make to decorate for holidays and special occasions: a five-pointed star, an eight-pointed star, and a double-sided eight-pointed star.

You’ll get completely different looks suitable for every occasion just by changing the colors or patterns. For patriotic holidays like July 4th and Memorial Day, use red, white and blue. For Christmas or weddings, use white, silver or gold. For birthday parties, Easter or spring celebrations, use a mixture of bright colors. For Halloween, use orange, black and purple. And for Thanksgiving, use yellow, orange and brown.

You can use origami paper, scrapbook paper, colored cardstock, wrapping paper, sheet music, pages from old books or even your junk mail. To make them extra special, they can be dusted with glitter.

This is the kind of craft you can easily do sitting in front of the TV. In no time at all you’ll have oodles of stars. You may even find it’s somewhat addicting!

I’ll also give you some suggestions for decorating with your paper stars.

Star 1

Five-pointed paper star

I created a pattern for a dimensional five-pointed star. It measures 7″ but can be resized on the copy machine. Click this link to download the pattern for the five-pointed paper star. Instructions are printed on the pattern and are also illustrated below.

In addition to the pattern, you will need:

  • Cardstock or other paper to print on
  • Bone folder
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife or utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Small hole punch
  • String or cord for hanging stars

Dimensional five-pointed paper star, 7″ square

How to make a five-pointed paper star. Video demo.

Patriotic decoration made with dimensional five-pointed paper stars on cardstock

patriotic paper stars decoration

Patriotic paper stars decoration

I made this cute patriotic decoration with paper stars in three different sizes. The pattern was reduced on the copier for the smaller stars. The largest star is 7″ (full size), the middle star is about 3.75″ (54%), and the smallest star is about 3″ (44%).

The stars are strung together with monofilament thread and there’s a monofilament thread loop at the top for hanging. This looks great hanging on the wall, in a doorway or even from the ceiling. I put a red ribbon bow on top.

Star 2

Eight-pointed paper star

make paper stars18This star begins with a rectangle of paper measuring 6″ X 11″. Accordion folds are made following the directions in the pictorial below. You can use cardstock, wrapping paper, origami paper or recycled paper.

Finished stars can be strung together for garlands to decorate mantles or doorways. They can also be hung individually from the ceiling or grouped together hanging from a branch. They can be piled in a glass bowl as a centerpiece. They can also be used in place of bows on packages.

You will need:

  • Scrapbook paper or other paper measuring 6″ x 11″
  • Bone folder
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Small hole punch
  • String or cord for hanging stars

Eight-pointed paper star

The finished eight-pointed paper star made with wrapping paper

8 pointed paper star

8 pointed paper star

These stars can be made into a garland, used as table decorations or as package decorations.

Eight-pointed paper stars using pages from the phone book

8 pointed paper stars made from phone book pages

8 pointed paper stars made from phone book pages

Pages from an old phone book make awesome paper stars! The pages were 10″ long so I cut the width at 5″. I layered two sheets together because the paper is thin. The contrasting center portion is a separate piece of paper 10″ long by 2.5″ wide. I painted it and added glitter to the edges. I also glittered the edges of the full-size piece of paper after cutting the star points. The rest of the assembly is the same as above.

How to make an eight-pointed paper star. Video demo.

Star 3

Double-sided eight-pointed paper star

I found a fantastic tutorial on for making these double-sided eight-pointed stars using square pieces of paper. The instructions are well-written and there are lots of clear photos. Here’s the link for making these simple double-sided paper stars.

I do have a couple of suggestions to add, however:

  • Use Aleene’s tacky glue instead of Elmer’s glue. Gluing the star points together can be tricky. Elmer’s glue slips around too much. Aleene’s tacky glue sets up faster and holds better.
  • Slip a bone folder inside the point as you’re gluing it. This will give you a surface to press on while gluing the edges together. See picture below.

Use a bone folder when gluing the star points

making double sided 8 pointed paper starSlip the bone folder inside the point and press down on it.

These paper stars can be made in any size using square pieces of paper. Don’t forget to embellish with paint or glitter.

Make several of these double-side stars in different sizes and use them to make a mobile. They can even be glued to a wreath and, of course, make good package decorations in place of bows.

Double-sided eight-pointed paper star made from heavy wrapping paper

double sided 8 pointed paper star

This is the star I made following the tutorial on the above link. I added a monofilament thread loop at the top for hanging.

How to make a double-sided eight-pointed paper star. Video demo.

Bonus: Paper star variations

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