redken shades eq platinum ice 09v

Review of Redken platinum ice for toning yellow hair

See what happened when I used Redken Shades EQ platinum ice 09V to tone my stubborn yellow hair. Here’s a hint: it was a disaster.

But first I’m going to answer the most asked questions about this product, and then I will go on to the review along with my before and after photos.

Most asked questions about Redken Shades EQ demi permanent color

What does demi permanent mean

Demi permanent means that it will only deposit color on the hair. It will not lighten hair, just change the tone of hair that’s already been lightened.

How do you mix it

You have to use a Redken Shades EQ processing solution along with Redken Shades EQ demi permanent color. You mix them at a 1:1 ratio. Using 2 oz of each would be enough to cover most hair.

How to use Redken Shades EQ

Apply the solution to clean, damp hair using a hair color brush or applicator bottle.

How long do I leave Shades EQ on my hair

Leave it on the hair from 5 to 20 minutes. Watch the color develop and rinse out as soon as it turns the right color.

How long does the color last

Supposed to last up to 24 shampoos.

My experience toning yellow hair with Redken platinum ice

Starting out my hair was level nine yellow blonde and I wanted a silvery blonde color. Salon toning looks good for about a week and then my hair goes back to yellow. And purple shampoo, the holy grail of many, doesn’t do anything because my hair is too damaged from bleaching to hold color.

My yellow hair before toning with Redken platinum ice

My yellow hair before toning with Redken platinum ice

I started searching for a more permanent solution and that’s how I found Redken Shades EQ platinum ice 09V. You can see from the swatch what a pretty color it is, icy but not too gray. To me it looks like it has taupe undertones.

redken shades eq platinum ice 09v

Redken Shades EQ 09V platinum ice

I put 2 oz of platinum ice and 2 oz of processing solution into an applicator bottle and shook it up. The mixture starts out watery and then turns into a slightly purple gel.

I put it all over my hair and massaged it in as if I were shampooing my hair. I piled all my hair on top of my head and watched and waited. Ten or 15 minutes in, it turned into this purple color. I should have washed it off then but didn’t since my hair is resistant to color.

Redken platinum ice after processing for 20 minutes

Redken platinum ice after processing for 20 minutes

So I bravely waited the full 20 minutes. I was going to get rid of that yellow no matter what.

As I was rinsing the mixture out of my hair in the shower, I could see it was no longer yellow. Mission accomplished!

I dried my hair and discovered it had turned a strange purple brown color—not even close to the platinum ice swatch.

after redken platinum ice

After toning my hair with Redken platinum ice

Now I desperately hoped that it would wash out fast. And here’s the good news for people who like the color they got, it stays in a very long time. Of course that was bad news for me.

The next washing I brought out my harshest shampoo and scrubbed and scrubbed my hair. About half the color came out. The next time, a little more came out. Finally by the fourth washing it was pretty much all gone. It lasted a month through four vigorous washings with my cheap Suave shampoo. I only shampoo once a week.

Oddly enough, as the color was fading it retained that purple brown hue. It never did fade to silver, or platinum or anything resembling ice.

And I’m back to drab yellow hair.

Redken platinum ice pros and cons

The pros

It’s easy to use
The color is long lasting
It made my hair feel soft

The cons

Well, don’t do what I did and leave it on too long. And make sure you pick the right color in the first place. I think I would have gotten a better color by mixing 09V platinum ice with 09T chrome

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16 replies
  1. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    So, I tried 06VB, like others left it on too long – got a purple-ish brown (from medium/dark blonde) – fine color, but not what I wanted. Did tons of research on how to remove without damage – tried olive oil, which removed much of the purple, but left the brownish. Ultimately found Salerm Color Reverse – it works like a charm! Did not lift my normal color – just completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) removed the 06VB… It smells kind of like a perm, but well worth it and my hair was fine afterwards. I don’t think it will work on permanent color, but worked great on this.

  2. Lauren Rose
    Lauren Rose says:

    Well I thought I could do no wrong. I was following the advice of Jack Martin the celebrity colorist. I mixed 09V Platinum Ice with 09P Opal Glow, left it 15 min only. Finished with Kenra 10SM Extra Light Blonde Silver Metallic. I wanted an icy silver white. My hair is lavender. My husband isn’t too happy but isn’t saying much because he doesn’t want me to be unhappy. The lavender will wash out but if anyone knows an icy white color I’d love to know.

      • Cortney
        Cortney says:

        I use Wella T14 with the 050 additive for my silver, it’s been a long time since I’ve had silver but I’ve always used Wella. I’ve used this once and I’m not sure how i feel about it. Also if your hair doesn’t hold color well, use a protein filler before toning it will hold to the ends better

  3. Becca
    Becca says:

    I’m not a cosmetologist but I use shades EQ products in my bleached hair. I use 6N on my roots to blend with the blonde and then 9V on my ends. For the darker color on my roots, I leave it in for the full 20 minutes and mix my 9V in a bottle. Once the 20 minutes is up, I get in the shower and rinse out the 6v. Once that’s done, I cover my hair in the 9V toner, still in the shower, and literally watch it. I absolute MAX I’ve ever left my 9V on my hair is MAYBE 3 minutes (normally only stays on for 1 or 2). I’m sure there is a reason why but all I can tell you is that the 9V works SUPER quick. Once I wash that out, I’m left with the ice blonde like in the picture!

    Also, the people referring to mixing with clear… that’ll actually make youR 9V a 10v, just FYI. And to do that, you’ll use .5 ounces of 9V and .5 ounces of clear and 1 ounce of the processing solution!!

    You should try it again because it really is a beautiful color! Do everything the same except get in the shower to apply it, wait 1-3 minutes while watching it, then rinse it!!!!

    • [email protected]
      [email protected] says:

      Hi Becca,

      I really appreciate you sharing this info for people interested in using this product. I have no need for it anymore since growing out my natural silver hair. I prefer using my own homemade toner to keep it extra silvery.

  4. Riley
    Riley says:

    On level 9 or lifhter hair, I mix it or any of the 9 series with clear. At a minimum 1 part clear to 1 part color. If using some of the bluer ones I might even mix more clear. 1st time using I did a quick “sample” in an area that would be covered just in case.

    The color it turned your hair is very close to the color it is in the mixing bowl an hour or two later.

  5. amy danczyik
    amy danczyik says:

    Actually I use this product all the time but I also mix it with clear depending on how much tone you want deposited, also if you had anything else in your hair you can end up with results like this.. 9v works really well for toning yellow hair, you just have to use it right.

      • Ri
        Ri says:

        I had the same problem and I did mix with to know what it is that the 9v makes it go pink..lucky I tested a piece of my hair..stupidly on the outer rather than underneath

        • [email protected]
          [email protected] says:

          Well the “v” stands for violet and I didn’t have a problem with the purple so much as the brown. However there are much easier products to use than this one that give better results.

          • Donna
            Donna says:

            I’m living though your same hair debacle. I checked and double checked instructions. I now have brown with a purple overcast. My hair WAS white but I was looking for an icy shine. White hair sadly doesn’t appear to shine.( My hair turned white rather early. ) I have nooo idea how to get out of this somewhat gracefully. I dread the colors that will evolve as I shampoo away.

          • [email protected]
            [email protected] says:

            I feel for you, Donna! Washing with dish detergent will make it fade faster. Also you can try citric acid (vitamin C) to remove color. It would probably remove most but not all of it.

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