no fleas

My dog has fleas! Safe products to kill, repel and control fleas

Fleas have not been a problem around here for several years. But recently my dog started scratching like a maniac, and that could only mean one thing. My dog has fleas! The ugly truth was confirmed when I ran my fingers through his fur and felt gritty flea dirt. Also known as flea poop. Also […]

dog going through dog door

Doggie door training

My little furry friend just got his own private entrance, a doggie door installed in my bedroom wall. It leads to a ramp I had built for him. This type of doggie door has two magnetized flaps which I think makes it a little more challenging for a dog to learn to use. I was […]

koda chews a rawhide stick

Happiness is…

a new chew stick! More happy moments with Koda and his rawhide chew  

No cats allowed by Bex Walton, on Flickr

Tip to keep cats from spraying your door

A few months ago I noticed with some indignation that cats had been spraying my front door! Well, I’d clean it up only to find a new spot appear a few days later. Going in search of an easy solution I learned there are a few things cats don’t like such as aluminum foil, citrus scents […]


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My name is Lynda Makara. I’m an artist, DIYer and dancing queen. My love of color, sparkles and shiny things shows in everything I do.

Creating art and beauty all around me is my passion, and that’s what this blog is about. It’s about art. It’s about home. It’s about inspiring you.

So come on in to my home of happy art, tutorials and creativity. Let’s have fun!

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