front door with no curtain

Front door privacy curtain

Privacy is hard to come by when you live in the city. People are always walking up and down the street, cars are driving by, the neighbors are always coming and going. So when I’m sitting on my couch with the front door open, I feel like I’m on display and I don’t like that. […]

demoed kitchen

How to survive during a kitchen remodel

Surviving without a kitchen starts long before the contractors show up with their sledgehammers. The more you prepare in advance, the easier things will be for you during construction and after. Having been through a kitchen renovation before, I decided to do things different the second time around: mainly, no cooking and no washing of […]

galley kitchen upgrade

My galley kitchen upgrade

Two years ago I did a complete renovation of my small galley kitchen. The house was built in ‘44 and my parents bought it in in the early 50s. Bits and pieces were updated a few times over the years with the end result being a hodgepodge of awfulness (sorry Mom and Dad). So in […]

backyard makeover after photo

Concrete backyard makeover

Grass is a high maintenance landscaping choice with very little payoff. You spend all week watering it so that you can spend all weekend mowing it. Just doesn’t make sense. And aesthetically, it’s ho-hum boring. My lawn had also become an all you can eat buffet for gophers. I needed to get rid of both. […]


lynda makara

My name is Lynda Makara. I’m an artist, DIYer and dancing queen. My love of color, sparkles and shiny things shows in everything I do.

Creating art and beauty all around me is my passion, and that’s what this blog is about. It’s about art. It’s about home. It’s about inspiring you.

So come on in to my home of happy art, tutorials and creativity. Let’s have fun!

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