installing concrete pavers

How to install 24″ concrete pavers

Last year, after a long and never-ending battle with gophers eating my lawn in the backyard, I decided to rip it out and install modern, low maintenance landscaping. I also felt it would add value to the property by creating an outdoor living space. So I hired a landscape architect to draw up a plan […]

Remove grass for landscaping

Easiest way to dig up grass

Digging out your lawn is a tough job, but I’ve discovered there are ways to make it somewhat easier. Right now I’m nearly finished removing all the grass in the backyard, almost 2,000 square feet, to make way for new landscaping. And I’m doing it all by myself with a shovel. In the beginning it […]

Getting rid of gophers in my yard

What works and what doesn’t to get rid of pocket gophers I’m declaring war on gophers. They’ve been going to town in my backyard long enough. In fact, it’s been going on for decades on this property. For years my dad used traps to kill them, but that’s pretty gross and not something I can […]


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