Installing gopher fence underground

Get rid of gophers with a gopher fence

For most people, gopher control consists of setting traps or using poison. Those methods do not deter gophers and I want to keep them out of my yard altogether. An underground wire fence will do that as it creates a permanent barrier between gophers and plants. I’ve previously documented my battle with gophers which led […]

backyard makeover after photo

Concrete backyard makeover

Grass is a high maintenance landscaping choice with very little payoff. You spend all week watering it so that you can spend all weekend mowing it. Just doesn’t make sense. And aesthetically, it’s ho-hum boring. My lawn had also become an all you can eat buffet for gophers. I needed to get rid of both. […]

weed barrier for low maintenance landscape

Installing weed barrier

Prevent weeds from taking over your yard by installing weed barrier under a layer of gravel or mulch. Just a few of hours of labor done once will free up many more hours you can spend relaxing in your backyard oasis. This is the type of project that one person can do easily as I’ve […]

blinged out trellis

My blinged out garden trellis

Trellises are mostly used for supporting plants without much thought given to their decorative possibilities. But they can also be used to add layers of interest to your garden, especially if you customize them to complement your decor. When I saw this trellis I knew it was just the thing I needed as a spectacular […]


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