DIY garbage can fence made from roofing panels

DIY garbage can fence

Trash cans. We all have them but who really wants to look at them. Mine were in full view from my kitchen window so I decided to make them disappear behind a fence. After not finding anything suitable online (in terms of size, style, material and price), I thought maybe I could just make one. […]

hose guard from solar light

DIY hose guides from solar lights

With my new flowerbeds in place, I’ve been finding it darned near impossible to drag that heavy hose through the yard and keep it out of the beds. So I decided to look for some hose guides and found that there are two choices: really cheap and ugly ($4 apiece), or decorative and expensive ($20+ […]

concrete walls painted purple

Painting outdoor concrete walls

Painting concrete and masonry is extremely tedious work, but the payoff is so worth it. I decided to paint my backyard walls as the next step in my modern backyard makeover. It was the only way to unify the look of three different cinderblock walls and the side of my neighbor’s garage. I learned a […]

installing concrete pavers

How to install 24″ concrete pavers

Last year, after a long and never-ending battle with gophers eating my lawn in the backyard, I decided to rip it out and install modern, low maintenance landscaping. I also felt it would add value to the property by creating an outdoor living space. So I hired a landscape architect to draw up a plan […]


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