Photo of black and hot pink polka dot cabinet © 2014 by Lynda Makara

Whimsical painted furniture ideas, painting DIY

When I inherited my mom’s wood furniture, most of it had already been around for a good 50 years. I was grateful to get it, but also tired of looking at it. So I decided it was going to get a fresh whimsical look with paint. Many people are reluctant to paint wood furniture, but […]

upscale curtain rods from cheap hardware store materials

How to make a chic curtain rod and finial

Buying curtain rods can get really expensive, especially if you need the extra long ones. I discovered this recently when I redecorated my entire house, including all new window treatments. I learned how to use cheap materials from the hardware store to make sturdy, professional curtain rods in different lengths. The average cost per rod, […]

DIY modern starburst mirror by Lynda Makara

DIY modern starburst mirror

I love starbursts, sunbursts and atomic art decor and recently became obsessed with getting a starburst mirror for my living room. When I saw how expensive they were to buy, I decided to see if I could make one. And this is the result: a fantastic work of art that only cost $13 to make! […]

privacy window film

DIY window film for beauty and privacy

As much as I love my neighbors, I really don’t love looking at their hot water heater. And I don’t particularly like the idea that someone might be peering in at me at any given time. And then I discovered DIY window film, a simple and low cost solution for creating privacy and hiding an undesirable […]


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