metal roof before and after

Metal roof installation: Why I chose metal over asphalt

I’m flashing some new metal these days and it’s not around my neck or on my fingers. No, I’m talking about the new metal roof on my house and garage. And I love telling people about it. Sounds kind of weird, huh? But any time I can add value to my house and save money, […]

diy hair dryer flat iron holder

DIY hair appliance holder

When I was setting up my new makeup vanity, I wanted my hair dryer and flat iron handy. I had ordered a desktop appliance holder but it took up a lot of room and the cords looked really messy so I sent it back. Then I decided it would be much neater to hang my […]

Installing gopher fence underground

Get rid of gophers with a gopher fence

For most people, gopher control consists of setting traps or using poison. Those methods do not deter gophers and I want to keep them out of my yard altogether. An underground wire fence will do that as it creates a permanent barrier between gophers and plants. I’ve previously documented my battle with gophers which led […]

front door with no curtain

Front door privacy curtain

Privacy is hard to come by when you live in the city. People are always walking up and down the street, cars are driving by, the neighbors are always coming and going. So when I’m sitting on my couch with the front door open, I feel like I’m on display and I don’t like that. […]


lynda makara

My name is Lynda Makara. I’m an artist, DIYer and dancing queen. My love of color, sparkles and shiny things shows in everything I do.

Creating art and beauty all around me is my passion, and that’s what this blog is about. It’s about art. It’s about home. It’s about inspiring you.

So come on in to my home of happy art, tutorials and creativity. Let’s have fun!

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