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Five foundation tips for women over 50

These five tips will help women over 50 achieve a luminous, natural look with foundation

We all want to put our best face forward, but that gets harder as time goes on. Women over 50 are dealing with hyperpigmentation, sagging, bagging, lines and wrinkles. The right foundation can minimize those problems and make your skin look fresher and younger.

Many women over 50 skip foundation because they’re afraid it will collect in lines and wrinkles. While that’s a legitimate concern, it need not be a problem. I’ll share my five foundation tips for getting coverage without caking.

To illustrate that, you’ll see my before and after photos. I’ll recommend my favorite foundations and also give you application tips for a flawless natural look.

Five foundation tips for women over 50

  1. Choose light reflecting foundation. Wrinkles are little valleys that create shadows on your face. A light reflecting foundation will illuminate those valleys and give an airbrushed look to lines and wrinkles. The magic light reflecting ingredient is mica, but you have to be careful with it. Too much and you’ll look like a Christmas ornament.
  2. Avoid talc. Make sure to read the ingredients when choosing a foundation. Talc is the worst thing for emphasizing lines and wrinkles. It also makes your skin look ashy.
  3. Avoid foundation that is too shiny or too matte. Shiny foundation, with too much mica or oil, highlights the uneven contours of the face and creates more contrast between the higher areas (bags and folds) and the lower areas (wrinkles, hollow eye sockets and cheeks). On the other hand, a foundation that’s too matte, looks dry, flat and unnatural. The perfect foundation should have a satin finish.
  4. Choose foundation that matches your skin tone. This really should be obvious, but if you want your foundation to look natural, it should be the same color as your skin. Going one or two shades lighter or darker will just end up looking like a mask, and your face won’t match the rest of you. You might have to experiment a little to find the right shade. Foundation should match the skin at the jaw line.
  5. Choose light to medium coverage. Too little coverage is just as bad as too much coverage. Something like a tinted moisturizer will do nothing to disguise hyperpigmentation. Foundation with light to medium coverage will still allow your skin to show through while concealing uneven skin tone.

Recommended foundations for women over 50

revlon colorstay and physicians formula mineral wear

In my opinion, Physicians Formula mineral makeup powder and Revlon ColorStay liquid makeup are the best foundations for women over 50.

Physicians Formula mineral makeup is my favorite for its light reflecting properties, good coverage and sunscreen protection. Minerals do not clog pores and are usually nonirritating to sensitive skin.

Not all mineral makeup is created equal, however. Some have talc, too much mica or bismuth oxychloride which will make your skin itch.

I’ve tried several brands in my quest for the best mineral foundation, from high to low end. What I’ve discovered is a high price tag does not ensure a good result. For example, I tried the popular Bare Escentuals and didn’t care for it because it had too much mica and was itchy (it contains bismuth oxychloride).

Coming in second to Physicians Formula mineral foundation is Revlon ColorStay. (My review follows the Before and After Photos.)

Best overall foundation for women over 50, Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder

My favorite mineral foundation!

Physicians Formula mineral wear

Physicians Formula mineral wear

Physicians Formula mineral powder is my everyday, go-to makeup. It goes on smoothly and looks great (see the photos below of me wearing Physicians Formula). Does not irritate or dry out the skin. Contains derivatives of antioxidant Vitamins A and E. It’s very forgiving in that it resists caking even if you apply a little too much. Provides light to medium coverage which lasts at least 12 hours without touching up (and I never touch up). You get a lot of product and it comes with a brush which I find perfectly adequate for makeup application.

Before and After photos

No foundation or concealer

no foundation or concealer

Wearing Physicians Formula mineral foundation (with concealer and blush)

physicians formula foundation with concealer and blushThis photo was taken just minutes after the before photo.

Wearing Revlon ColorStay foundation (with concealer and blush)

wearing revlon colorstay

I wear the Combination/oily skin formula. And normally I’d put a light dusting of mineral powder over this foundation, but I left it off to to show how the foundation looks on its own.

Adding a little powder on top will tone down the shine a bit and make the foundation super long lasting.

Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation review for women over 50

Medium to full coverage that lasts 24 hours

Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation is a good choice for mature women with dry skin. It has silicone which is supposed to glide over wrinkles. It contains emollients for softening the skin. And it contains just enough mica for an airbrushed look.

Revlon ColorStay comes in two formulations: Normal/dry skin and Combination/oily skin. The Normal/dry skin formula has more emollients and looks dewier than the Combination/oily skin formula, especially around the eye area. It’s also easier to blend.

This is the foundation I use when I want more coverage for a night out or when I’m facing an extremely long day. Provides medium to full coverage. It’s supposed to last 24 hours, and it really does. The staying power is phenomenal, especially when finished with a little mineral powder. Comes in a variety of shades.

How to apply loose mineral powder foundation. The key for natural looking makeup is to blend, blend, blend.

This video is a little long but you can skip to 5:54 to see how loose mineral powder is applied and how very little you need to use.

Before applying mineral foundation, start with clean, moisturized skin. Then shake out a little mineral powder into the lid. Dip the brush in the powder. Swirl the brush around in another lid or container. Tap off the excess. Buff into the skin using a circular motion.

How to apply Revlon ColorStay foundation

Begin with clean, moisturized skin. I never use a primer and I don’t really think it’s necessary. Plus I have the idea that it would ball up during the blending process.

My preferred application method is to use my fingers. Since the Combination/oily formula I use dries a little faster, I dampen my fingers with water. A makeup sponge dampened with water would also blend nicely.

Some people prefer to apply liquid foundation with brushes. If you use brushes, you’re going to end up using more of the foundation, plus you have to clean them later.

For whatever application method you use, put one or two drops of Revlon ColorStay in the middle of the area to be blended and smooth it out from there. Take extra care with the nose as the pores are larger there. A drop of water helps with blending.

Please watch the short video below to see how to apply Revlon ColorStay foundation with a makeup sponge and see the natural look that is achieved.

Women over 50, take the mineral makeup challenge

Is Physicians Formula the best foundation for over 50?

As a mature woman, you might be skeptical that putting mineral powder on your face could actually minimize wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. So I invite you to take the Physicians Formula mineral makeup challenge. Make up half your face with your current foundation, and use Physicians Formula mineral makeup on the other half. See how it looks indoors and outdoors, day and evening. And take pictures if need be to help you evaluate. I think you’ll find that Physicians Formula mineral makeup will make your skin look naturally flawless.

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