false eyelashes for women over 50

Five false eyelash tips for women over 50

These five tips will help women over 50 get the most flattering look with false eyelashes

They say 50 is the new 30 and in many ways that may be true, except when it comes to your eyelashes. After 50, they’re just not what they used to be. False eyelashes are the best solution to thin, skimpy lashes if you know what you’re doing.

False eyelashes open up your eyes and make them look bigger, giving you a more youthful appearance. They enhance your beauty and make you feel feminine. Just like every work of art needs a focal point, your eyes will be the focal point with expertly-applied false lashes.

But where do you start? There are so many styles and brands to choose from. So I’m going to point you in the right direction and give you five tips for choosing false eyelashes and adhesive, applying them, removing them, and getting the most flattering, realistic look.

Five false eyelash tips for women over 50

  1. Choose realistic looking eyelashes
  2. Use a waterproof, flexible eyelash adhesive
  3. Apply eyelashes with tweezers and a 10x magnifying mirror
  4. Use eyeliner before and after applying eyelashes
  5. Use mascara and an eyelash curler to blend real and fake lashes together

Tip 1: Choose realistic looking eyelashes

The most realistic lashes are ones with the same rounded shape as real lashes and the same feathery texture. Eyelashes that are too thick will not only look fake, they’ll have the effect of closing a middle-aged eye, rather than opening it up. Also, the bands should be as thin as possible for looking more realistic and for being more comfortable to wear.

Eyelashes that are winged out on the end can make your eye look droopy. I prefer false eyelashes that are tapered on both ends, with the inner edge being the same length as my own lashes and the outer edge being slightly longer.

I’ve tried many different brands and styles of false eyelashes, both human hair and synthetic. I think human hair lashes look the most real because they are real hair. And my favorite brand is Ardell. Here are my recommendations for realistic looking eyelashes for both daytime and nighttime.

Best Ardell eyelashes for the natural look

False eyelashes come in strips or individuals. While individual lashes look very realistic, they take so much longer to put on, take off and clean, just the thought of it drives me crazy. So I use and recommend the strip lashes. With care, they can last for up to three weeks.

This assortment of Ardell eyelashes are all good choices for the natural look.

Ardell Invisiband Babies

Ardell Babies Black

Here I am wearing Ardell Babies, a very subtle look

ardell babies

Ardell Babies

Ardell 110 Demi Lashes

Ardell 110

Here I am wearing Ardell 110 lashes, slightly longer and fuller than Ardell Babies

ardell 110

Ardell Invisiband Beauties

Ardell Invisiband Beauties

Ardell 108

ardell 108

Ardell 122

Here I am wearing Ardell 122 lashes, a lighter version of Ardell Wispies

ardell 122

These could be my new favorite! They have the same feathery quality as Ardell Wispies but they are slightly thinner and a just a bit shorter.

Best Ardell eyelashes for the glamour look

These Ardell eyelashes have more drama and still look believable. Except for maybe Ardell Elegant Eyes with glitter, but they’re too much fun to resist!

Ardell 105

ardell 105

Here I am wearing Ardell 105 lashes for the glamour look

ardell 105

Ardell 102

ardell 102

Ardell Elegant Eyes

ardell elegant eyes

Ardell Wispies, my favorite false eyelashes for the glamour look

ardell wispies

Here I am wearing Ardell Wispies , long and glamorous but still very realistic

ardell wispies

I love my Wispies so much, I want to wear them all the time!

Wispies are practically “the” perfect eyelash. I just love how feathery they are! They’re the right length for evening but can be a little long for daytime. Sometimes I just can’t resist and wear them in the daytime anyway.

They’re slightly thicker and longer than Ardell 122, and they’re not as tapered on the inner and outer edges.

Compared to the 105s, Wispies are more feathered and spiky while the 105s are only slightly feathered with the volume being even all the way across.

Tip 2: Use a waterproof, flexible eyelash adhesive

No matter how pretty your false eyelashes are, the look will be ruined if your eyelash adhesive doesn’t hold them in place. A waterproof, flexible glue will withstand a little moisture and will move with your eyelid. Duo and LashGrip are the two top eyelash glues. Some people think that Duo holds better, but having tried both I can’t tell the difference between the two. LashGrip is a little cheaper so I’m recommending that here.

These adhesives come in clear and dark. I’ve tried both and they each have pros and cons.The dark one has the advantage of blending in faster while it’s still drying. What I don’t like about it is if you accidentally get some on your eyeshadow, it leaves a black mark that has to be touched up. The clear adhesive will not ruin your eyeshadow, but it takes about ten minutes to dry clear. Currently, I’m using the clear and I think I prefer it overall.

Eyelash removal tip: Some people use eye makeup remover to remove lashes, but I just use water or a drop of coconut oil. I put a drop along the lash line and let it sit for a minute, then I pull off the lashes starting from the outer corner. Even though the glue is waterproof, it will soften up and the eyelash will come off easily without pulling your own eyelashes out. Then I hold the eyelash close to the band while I pull off the glue. I just use water to rinse off water-resistant mascara and eyeliner from the lashes.

Tip 3: Apply eyelashes with tweezers and a 10x magnifying mirror

Another fact of life over 50 is that our eyesight is not quite as good as it used to be. That makes putting on any makeup a difficult task, and mission impossible for applying false eyelashes.

I don’t wear prescription glasses or contacts, but I do wear readers for close work like beading, sewing, painting and putting on false eyelashes. And here’s how I do it.

First, if the eyelashes are new I remove them from the container by holding the outer edge and gently pulling them off. Then I put adhesive on the eyelash strip while wearing my reading glasses, applying just a small amount directly from the tube with a little extra dot on each end.

After allowing the glue to set up for 30 seconds (or using the blow dryer for five seconds), I grab the strip with tweezers. I take off my glasses and look into the 10x mirror. I hold both ends of the eyelash strip (using the tweezers and my fingers of the other hand) and put it on my eyelid starting at the outer corner. Then I use the tweezers to push the eyelash strip into place along my lash line.

I only use the 10x mirror for applying eyelashes, eyeliner and mascara. It sits in front of a regular mirror that I use for the rest of my makeup application.

Here’s a selection of 10x magnifying mirrors from Amazon. There are some freestanding mirrors, as well as one that mounts on the wall. And don’t forget to get a 10x compact mirror for your purse. It’s great for touch ups during the day.

Jerdon MC449N 5.5-Inch Folding Travel Mirror with 10x Magnification

jerdon 10x folding mirrorOnce you start using a 10x mirror for makeup application, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one! It’s indispensable for expertly applying false eyelashes and eyeliner, plucking your eyebrows and cleaning up eyeshadow fallout. This mirror is so versatile because it’s double-sided, 10x on one side and 1x on the other, and you can fold it up and travel with it.

Jerdon JP7510N 8-Inch Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 10x and 15x Magnification

jerson 8" wall mount mirror

Floxite Elegant 10x Compact in Cobalt Blue with Crystal Medallion

10x compact mirror

How to apply false eyelashes

See how to apply them and how to remove them in this short video.

Tip 4: Use eyeliner before and after applying eyelashes

Use eyeliner before putting on false eyelashes to camouflage any gaps there may be between the real and fake lashes. So why do you need to put eyeliner on twice? I do this to cover up the eyelash glue. Whether you use clear or dark eyelash glue, they both look shiny when dried. So I go over the edge of the band with black liquid liner. It’s also important to fill in the line from the inner corner of your eye up to the eyelash strip.

Tip 5: Use mascara and an eyelash curler to blend real and fake lashes together

A lot of people put mascara on before the false lashes, but I like to do it afterwards. I start at the base of my lashes and wiggle the wand up while pushing into the fake lashes. Then I carefully curl my eyelashes. I think this helps bind the real lashes with the fake ones, and it makes your eyes look more open.

I like to use water-resistant mascara, not waterproof, because it’s easier to remove with just water.

6 replies
  1. Judi
    Judi says:

    I used to pop these on in a few seconds in my 20’s lol….. when attending Beauty School, they used me quite a bit as a model for shows etc. I was against putting eyelashes on, for I thought mine were just fine, but to show well on stage as in heavier make-up, they would apply them and WOW… I fell IN LOVE… I wore them all through my 20’s, was so addicted that I actually had my Father and Mother searching the house for a pair that I had on and took them off somewhere, didn’t have an extra and was going out with the most handsome man in the world , Jack had met me with my lashes on so I couldn’t let him see me without !! turns out, we couldn’t find the missing lashes, didn’t have time to run to the store, Jack was knocking at the door and I asked my Dear parents to make an excuse for me that I didn’t feel well and had to cancel…. it wasn’t a lie of sorts, I was Sick that I couldn’t find my lashes … Well her I am in my 60’s and would love to wear them again, they just made me feel better, but I cannot see to put them on . I am very far sighted, hoping a magnifying mirror will help… Also ladies, I have had dry eye for years and years and the one just waters much of the morning… I guess the drops might help. I don’t like trying to wear them if they will lift due to watering… Oh it is such a pleasure to be in the ” Golden Years ” hey, I feel Blessed, many don’t make it this long…. God Bless to all !!! PS. thoughts on the BEST eyelash adhesive but safe .

    • [email protected]
      [email protected] says:

      Hi Judi,

      I have always used Duo eyelash adhesive with no problems. However, I’ve recently learned of another one that’s supposed to be just as good without latex or formaldehyde. It’s called i-Envy Kiss eyelash adhesive.

      As for putting them on, I explain how to do this in the article by wearing readers and using a magnifying mirror.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Elaine Marlowe
    Elaine Marlowe says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I love false eyelashes and I agree they make you look younger as our own lashes get thin. I was having trouble seeing to put the lashes on and my eyeglasses get in the way. For some reason I didn’t think about a magnifying mirror. I will use one from now on.

  3. Sharon VanderSchaaf
    Sharon VanderSchaaf says:

    Excellent article. Exactly the info I was looking for when beginning my search. Haven’t worn lashes in years but since reaching the over-50 mark (way over) I realized I’d like to add a little pizzazz to my looks. Thanks for hitting all the points from diminishing eyesight to best glues, etc. Will be ordering my fun stuff today. Thanks for your easy to understand instructions. Well done!

    • [email protected]
      [email protected] says:

      Thank you, Sharon. False eyelashes are so much fun, and the ones I use and recommend look so natural that nobody guesses they’re fake.


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