privacy window film

DIY window film for beauty and privacy

As much as I love my neighbors, I really don’t love looking at their hot water heater. And I don’t particularly like the idea that someone might be peering in at me at any given time.

And then I discovered DIY window film, a simple and low cost solution for creating privacy and hiding an undesirable view.

The not-so-appetizing view from my eat-in kitchen

It had to go

ugly view without privacy film

I mean, who wants to look at that when you’re trying to have a nice meal? Short of building a super high fence around my property, privacy window glass film was just what I needed.

Better than curtains and blinds that can darken a room, frosted glass window film allows natural light in. It’s easy to apply, reposition and remove without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Decorative glass film is perfect for both homeowners and renters, whether their privacy needs are temporary or long term.

My favorite frosted glass window film in a fun circle pattern

Apply to clean glass. No adhesive or water required.

circle pattern privacy film

I fell in love with this circle design, from the many designs available, and bought some for my kitchen window.

This is a heavy duty vinyl with a peel off paper backing. It’s really sticky yet leaves no residue on your fingers or the glass if you need to remove or reposition it.

It can also be applied to walls for an interesting texture, like wallpaper without the commitment.

I only wish it came in a wider width (it measures about 17.5″W x 6.5’L). I had to use two pieces to cover my kitchen window. Overall I’m very happy with my choice, and you can see how it turned out below.

You don’t necessarily have to cover the entire window. Some people like to apply it just to the bottom half. I’ve also seen designs made on windows using strips of film in various widths.

How to install DIY privacy film

Start at the top and work your way down

peeling off window film backing

Cut off a length of window film a little longer than you need. Grid lines on the paper backing make it easy to cut a straight line.

Peel down the paper a few inches and stick the film onto the window.

Very important: Using a credit card or plastic scraper, smooth out the vinyl from the center, working outwards on both sides. This is to remove air bubbles.

Continue pulling down the paper a few inches at a time, smoothing as you go.

If you make a mistake along the way, you can pull up the vinyl, reposition and continue on.

A note about air bubbles

privacy window film

Should you discover some air bubbles after you’re done, simply remove them by sticking a pin in them and pressing the air out with your fingers.

Leave a little excess at the bottom

applying privacy film to window

Cut off the excess with a sharp blade

cutting off excess window film

I used a utility knife.

Half the window is done

What a dramatic difference

window half covered with privacy film

Bye bye ugly view

Hello privacy

window covered with DIY privacy film

Here’s the window with both sides done. There’s a small seam overlapping just a smidgeon down the middle but it doesn’t bother me. It looks at least a thousand times better than it did.

Complete privacy with curtains and frosted glass windows

It just feels more serene, and I can run around in my pajamas now

window with diy privacy film and curtains

With curtains covering up the side windows, I can have total privacy or peek out the windows if I want to without anyone peeking in at me. What bliss!

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