hose guard from solar light

DIY hose guides from solar lights

With my new flowerbeds in place, I’ve been finding it darned near impossible to drag that heavy hose through the yard and keep it out of the beds. So I decided to look for some hose guides and found that there are two choices: really cheap and ugly ($4 apiece), or decorative and expensive ($20+ apiece).

So I thought, there must be a way to make one that’s cheap AND decorative. And for good measure, I also decided it should serve another purpose.

Here’s what I came up with: a solar garden light turned into a hose guide. Brilliant!

Looking at the features of a good hose guide, I found they should have a long, sturdy post with a section in the middle that spins around, making it easier to pull the hose.

I decided to use rebar for the post. It comes in different lengths but I went with the ½” rebar that’s 24″ long, and costs just under $2 apiece. (Getting a longer length and cutting it yourself would be even cheaper.)

rebar and solar light

24″ long rebar and solar light

The crucial part was finding a solar light with a cylinder that would fit over rebar, with enough room for it to spin.

I found these really pretty solar garden lights that change colors. Comes in a set of 12. The tube is just the right size.

The hardest part about this project (which is not that hard at all) is hammering the rebar into the ground. It took less than a minute. I just hammered it in until the piece sticking out was the same length as the tube, about 8”.

rebar pounded into groundThen all you do is drop the solar light on top. Boom, you’re done! Easy, peasy and only $4.50 apiece.

During the day, they look like a nice modern accent in my landscaping.

hose guard from solar light

Hose guard from solar light

And at night, they’re enchanting!

solar hose guard at night

Solar hose guard at night

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