DIY electrolyte drink | stop keto flu and muscle spasms

Since I’ve been on the keto diet, almost three years now, I’ve learned what happens when I don’t get enough electrolytes. I end up experiencing fatigue and painful toe cramps at night.

After recognizing the problem, I spent a lot of time searching for a ready made electrolyte drink or supplement. What I discovered is (1) they’re really expensive, and (2) they don’t contain enough potassium.

Then I decided to find the raw ingredients and make my own electrolyte drink. So I’ve done that and I’m sharing it with you. And best of all, the cost is a mere fraction of what you would spend on any commercial product (like ZipFizz).

Potassium chloride (non affiliate link)
Pink salt from Costco
Pure magnesium (affiliate link)

The importance of electrolytes

Electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and magnesium, are responsible for virtually every metabolic function of the body:

Muscle protein synthesis
Muscle contractions
Regulation of body fluids
Nerve impulses
Blood clotting

For more information on the importance of sodium and potassium in the keto diet, please read this article by Dr. Stephen Phinney.

Symptoms that you need electrolytes

Here are a few symptoms that can occur when electrolytes are low:

Heart palpitations
Muscle spasms, charley horses, cramps, etc.

DIY electrolyte mix

When supplementing electrolytes, they need to be in the right ratio to keep sodium and potassium balanced. Please watch my short video to get my DIY electrolyte recipe.

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