Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye by Dr Ellie Phillips

Brush. Floss. See your dentist twice a year. Most of us believe that’s all we need to do to take care of our teeth. And yet most of us still get cavities, have tooth sensitivity, plaque buildup, yellowing teeth and receding gums. These things are not the inevitable result of aging, poor genetics or just bad luck. These are signs of dental disease. The good news is they can be prevented and even reversed.

In the book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye you will find out what your dentist doesn’t tell you, or possibly doesn’t even know. You will learn what products to use and what products to avoid. Dr Ellie Phillips takes the mystery out of mouth care and gives you the knowledge to control your dental destiny.

I was amazed by the things I learned from this book. Later on, you’ll read about my experiences with Dr Ellie’s mouth care system.

About Dr Ellie Phillips

Dr Ellie is a dentist whose mission in life is to educate her patients on the prevention of dental disease. She has studied the cause of this disease and has developed a simple, inexpensive mouth care system using over-the-counter products. For 35 years her patients have been getting great results using her system. With Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, Dr Ellie is reaching out to help people everywhere who find that flossing and cleaning are not keeping their mouths healthy.

The most surprising things I learned from Dr Ellie

Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth

I learned so many things from this book, but these surprised me the most:

  • Dental disease is caused by certain type of bacteria that not only lives in your mouth, but also in your ears, nose, throat and sinuses. The bacteria stick to your teeth and produce acid. Acid in your mouth softens tooth enamel. Further damage is done to our teeth with bleaching products, whitening toothpaste, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash with alcohol, just to name a few. These products scratch and weaken the teeth and create more acid in the mouth.
  • The key to having a healthy mouth is to keep it in an alkaline state. The bad bacteria will not be able to survive and your teeth will get stronger and whiter.
  • Flossing is not recommended. Dr Ellie believes that flossing damages the gums and leads to gum recession. Her mouth care system is like “liquid flossing” and does a better job of eliminating harmful bacteria.
  • Sugar free gum is bad for your teeth. Sugar free gum and mints contain sorbitol, a sugar alcohol. The bad bacteria are able to use sorbitol as fuel and that makes sorbitol just as harmful as sugar.
  • Teeth can be remineralized. By keeping your mouth in an alkaline state, minerals in your saliva get deposited onto your teeth, making them stronger and whiter-looking.
  • Cavities can be reversed. This was the most amazing fact ever! It takes about six months but many cavities can heal just by keeping your mouth alkaline.

Dr Ellie’s complete mouth care system

Photo credit: Big teeth by CB and GK, on Flickr

Photo credit: Big teeth by CB and GK, on Flickr

In order to be effective, Dr Ellie’s mouth care system must be followed exactly with no product substitutions.

You will need:

  • A bottle of pH balanced, chlorine dioxide rinse (Closys)
  • A new or clean toothbrush (swish in ½ oz undiluted Listerine for 30 seconds)
  • A tube of Crest regular toothpaste
  • A bottle of antiseptic rinse (Listerine or generic, mint OK)
  • A bottle .05% sodium fluoride anticavity rinse (ACT anticavity)
  • A small cup for brush storage and toothbrush disinfection
  • One or more sources for 100% xylitol (not sorbitol). Mix and match mints, gum, wipes, spray, granules, etc. You must consume 8 to 10 grams per day (or about two teaspoons of the granules).
  • Optional pH testing paper

Proper brushing helps remove plaque

Do you know the right way to brush your teeth?

Most people don’t. Watch this short YouTube video to learn the proper technique.

Using Dr Ellie’s mouth care system

Photo credit:  Tooth-Brush by get directly down, on Flickr

Photo credit: Tooth-Brush by get directly down, on Flickr

Brush your teeth in the morning and right before bed as follows:

  • Rinse your mouth with a small amount of Closys for about a minute. While you’re doing that, disinfect your toothbrush by swishing in Listerine for about 30 seconds. The Closys prepares your mouth for brushing. It kills germs and puts your mouth in an alkaline state so that when you brush you are not brushing away tooth enamel.
  • Rinse off your toothbrush with water and put on a small amount of Crest toothpaste, smaller than pea-sized.
  • Brush your teeth, wash off your toothbrush with water and put it in a cup to dry.
  • Spit out the toothpaste but do not rinse your mouth with water. Put a small amount of Listerine (can be diluted with warm water) in your mouth and swish it vigorously for 60 seconds. This is considered “liquid flossing.” Listerine will kill 99% of the harmful bacteria, but it contains alcohol and cannot be left in your mouth for too long.
  • Spit out the Listerine and immediately put a small amount of ACT mouthwash in your mouth. The ACT mouthwash neutralizes the effect of the alcohol in the Listerine. It also protects your teeth with fluoride. Swish it around in your mouth for at least one minute, longer if you want. Spit it out and you’re done. Do not rinse your mouth out with water.

Between brushings:

Use xylitol every time you’re finished eating or drinking anything. It’s ideal to consume a small amount about five times a day using any combination of granules, gum or mints.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in birch trees, fruits and vegetables. (I recommend using birch xylitol made in the USA.) It has the same sweetening power as sugar but contains 40% fewer calories. Xylitol has a very low glycemic index. It’s metabolized without using insulin which makes it safe for diabetics.

Xylitol makes your mouth alkiline. It kills the bad bacteria, not only in your mouth but throughout your entire body. You should have xylitol on hand in every form, bulk, gum and mints. When you’re at home it’s easy to put a small amount of the crystals in your mouth and let them dissolve slowly. It’s so good—it tastes just like sugar! Xylitol gum and mints are convenient to have around. I keep some by my bed, in my purse and by my favorite chair. Another handy thing to do is to put a couple of teaspoons of xylitol crystals in a 16 oz bottle of water. Consume the water throughout the day, especially after eating or drinking.

Photo credit:  Teeth-Of-Glass by peasap, on Flickr

Photo credit: Teeth-Of-Glass by peasap, on Flickr

My experience with Dr Ellie’s mouth care system

I used to be one of those people who thought they were taking adequate care of their teeth by brushing, flossing and seeing the dentist regularly. I hadn’t had a cavity in years. Then one day that changed and I was faced with some problems. My dentist was unable to explain to me what might have gone wrong. I started doing my own research and eventually found Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

I started using Dr Ellie’s mouth care system in June 2011 after getting some dental work done. Within a couple of weeks my teeth were feeling slippery which means plaque isn’t sticking to them. Then after about a month my teeth started getting dark stains around the bottom. That means the bad plaque is dying. The stains come off when your teeth are cleaned and will not return as long as you’re using the mouth care system.

I recently went to my new dentist and everything is looking good. He even commented how “you can always tell when someone’s a flosser.” I just smiled.

Proof that teeth can be remineralized

Teeth can heal themselves if given the chance. Here are photos of a child whose cavity was reversed over the course of eight weeks.

Interviews with Dr Ellie Phillips on YouTube

Dr Ellie explains what’s wrong with dentistry and how you can protect your teeth.

More information about Dr Ellie

The lazy woman’s exercise: kettlebells

Let me tell you a little secret: I don’t like to exercise. In fact, I’m lazy, okay? I want to do the bare minimum. Does that sound like you too? So when I learned I could get a total body workout in only 15 to 20 minutes, I thought, this is something I can do and will do. And I’ve been doing it now for over two years.

I’m talking about kettlebells. Kettle what? Surprisingly, most people still don’t seem to know about them, even though they’ve been gaining in popularity in recent years.

This is a kettlebell

my 10 lb kettlebell by Iron Core

My 10 lb kettlebell by Iron Core

It’s a round weight with a handle attached. They’ve been popular with Russian bodybuilders for many years but were only introduced to America around the year 2000. Many celebrities have talked about using kettlebells.

The celebrity workout

Photo courtesy user kain_020

Photo courtesy user kain_020

These celebrities have been known to work out with kettlebells: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Cattrall, Penelope Cruz, Kim Basinger and Katherine Heigl.

In fact, it was seeing Katherine Heigl on TV talking about her kettlebell workouts that really piqued my interest: “It’s a mix of cardio and weight training but I only do it for 20 minutes twice a week and it’s changed my body shape.”

And that’s the key right there. It’s an efficient and effective workout because you train different body parts at the same time, and you really work up a sweat while doing it.

I’m not saying you’re going to look like Katherine Heigl or JLo (hey, it’s a kettlebell, not a magic wand), but you will be the best version of YOU that you can be.

What I like about using kettlebells

  • I like the simplicity of it: not having to drive to a gym, not having large pieces of exercise equipment cluttering up my house, and having just one small kettlebell I can tuck away in my closet.
  • I like feeling strong and having a body that’s flexible.
  • I like knowing that my bones are being strengthened as well.
  • I like having plenty of time to surf the web, talk to friends, watch TV and hang out with my dog

The basic move

The basic move in kettlebells is the swing. It looks deceptively easy but you’ll be working up a sweat in no time. To do the swing, stand with your feet about 12 inches apart. Hold the kettlebell with both hands and swing between your legs, aiming for your hips (swinging too low will cause injury).

As you’re swinging, bend your knees and push your hips back as if you were going to sit in a chair, then you pop your hips forward as you swing the kettlebell out in front of you while tightening your buns and abs.

The proper form is demonstrated in this video

There is only one right way to do the swing. Doing it wrong will put you at risk for injury. Watch this short video by Iron Core trainers to see the right and wrong ways demonstrated. The sound quality isn’t great, but it’s still worthwhile.

More about the benefits of kettlebell training by Sarah Lurie

Certified Russian Kettlebell Trainer and founder of Iron Core

An interview of Sarah Lurie by Vanessa Valiente on the benefits of kettlebell workouts and how popular they are with celebrities. You will also see some moves in action.

What you need for a kettlebell workout

I use and recommend GoFit kettlebells and workout DVDs.

Someone who has not been weight training should start out with a 10 pound weight. That’s the one I started with, then went to 15 pounds, and now I use a 20 pound weight.

When you buy a GoFit kettlebell, it comes with an instructional DVD that only shows you how to do the different moves. You’ll also need to get a separate workout DVD.

This four DVD set will take you from a beginner all the way to an advanced user.

Tips for sticking with your fitness program

You need more than willpower

Photo credit: motivation by Nono Fara, on Flickr

Photo credit: motivation by Nono Fara, on Flickr

These techniques have helped me stick to my fitness program for more than two years:

  • Find your motivation. Starting an exercise program is easy. Sticking with it is a lot harder. Think about what you want to accomplish and why. You should have both positive and negative motivations. For example, a negative motivation might be that you want to avoid getting osteoporosis like your mother. A positive motivation might be the good feeling you have wearing your skinny jeans.
  • Make an exercise schedule. Decide how many days per week you are going to exercise and what routine you will be doing.
  • Make a commitment to yourself. There will be times when you just don’t feel like exercising. We do lots of things we don’t feel like doing because they must be done. Not being in the mood is not a good enough reason to skip your exercise. When all else fails to motivate you, just do it because you promised yourself.
  • Record your accomplishments. When I’m done with my workout I mark it on the calendar. Seeing my accomplishments in writing makes me feel good.

My workout

I started off with three 15-minute workouts a week. Within a couple of weeks I was seeing great improvement and wanted to do more. That’s when I started working out with Sarah Lurie’s Iron Core kettlebell DVDs. I couldn’t even do all the reps at first but I would do as many as I could. Every day I was able to do more until it became quite easy and took less time. That’s when I would switch to a more advanced routine or get a heavier kettlebell.

As a middle-aged woman, I felt like I needed to do a little exercise six days a week. Three days a week I would do the longer “strength training” workout and the other three days I would do more aerobic-type workouts of kettlebell swings or an 8-minute Tae Bo workout. Now after reaching my goals, I maintain my results with six 10-minute workouts per week. I do the Kettlebell Express workout, with a 20-pound weight, on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I do kettlebell swings or an 8-minute Tae Bo workout. Saturday I rest.

Update: I’m still exercising six days a week, but I’ve switched up my exercise routine a little bit. Now I only do one or two kettlebell workouts and the other days I do 12 minute PACE Express workouts.

My results

Photo © 2012 Lynda Makara

Photo © 2012 Lynda Makara

It took about nine months to get fit with kettlebell workouts and healthy eating. Yes, it was slow (that’s the tradeoff for being “lazy”) but consistent. This was the only thing that worked for me (a postmenopausal woman in my mid 50s), and it will work for you too.